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My trip to Zeroteka

A colleague of mine recently informed me about a zero waste store in Vilnius, so last weekend we went to go check it out. I brought a few jars and my own cloth bag.

The shopkeeper was very helpful and spoke excellent English. She weighed my empty jars and did all the necessary math to ensure I paid only for the product. It was about 4€ which seemed quite decent to me.

I bought a jar of rolled oats for breakfast and was very delighted to find chocolate chips! This seems to be a mostly American product that is not easily found outside of the states. Yes, they are organic which makes them not quite as tasty, but they still made for some delicious overnight oats!

As with most shops here, it was a tiny store. More than half of it was dedicated to cosmetics, which was a bit disappointing. I was expecting/hoping for more food.

But, I’ll definitely go back for more! They had pasta, brown sugar, muesli, and more. You can even get shampoo and conditioner in your own jars.

I highly recommend a visit for those who live in Vilnius!

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