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Mask sewing

Since we've been required to wear a mask, I decided it would be good to own more than one. My husband bought our first masks due to the necessity of the law requiring masks that same day. However, I was able to borrow a sewing machine from a friend recently and have been sewing various… Continue reading Mask sewing

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One positive that has come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is the fact that we're staying home and allowing nature to heal. Something else we've been forced to do is switch to online everything...including education. Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on As a teacher I do my best (and teach the kids) to reuse and… Continue reading Eco-Teaching

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This week’s discoveries

In light of the fact that I simply haven't finished a blog yet, here are some random discoveries from this week. This OatSide the Box Vegan ice cream is delicious! Even my husband preferred it to the rhubarb sorbet that I made this week. There are two other flavors, mango and raspberry that we intend… Continue reading This week’s discoveries


Bubble Tea!

One of the exciting realization of moving to Vilnius was the discovery of the bubble tea shop, Formosa. Recently, they have made a few changes for good! Sadly, these changes are not all still in place due to the measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The first thing they did was charge a… Continue reading Bubble Tea!

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As a teenager, I didn't start shaving for quite some time and I didn't even know about the alternatives for an even longer time. Upon seeing my razor bumpy legs, a well meaning pedicurist asked if I also wanted to get my legs waxed. I quickly declined because it sounded like an extremely painful experience,… Continue reading Sugaring

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New products!

With all of our stores closed, I finally ordered from It’s a Lithuanian environmentally friendly cosmetics shop that popped up on my Facebook one day. I ordered deodorant, face wash, and a new brand of shampoo bar. It was delivered quickly and with the cutest business card that’s printed on seed paper!! I think… Continue reading New products!

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One of the best ways that I have discovered local, natural, or organic products has been through visiting markets. Depending on the country you live in or the language spoken where you live, Googling what you're looking for might not be as simple as you would expect. Both in Egypt and Lithuania, I’ve found many… Continue reading Markets