Getting Started

New to a sustainable or zero waste lifestyle? Start off with these 10 easy swaps!

You’ll be happy to know that making sustainable changes is quite easy, cheap, and accessible! Here are 10 Quick Zero Waste Swaps to get you started.

  1. Plastic bags: Bring your reuseable cloth bags with you to the store.
  2. Plastic wrap: try using a beeswax wrap instead!
  3. Paper Towels: Buy enough cloth towels for various uses.
  4. Cotton Swabs: Just make sure you buy them with bamboo or paper cores.
  5. Sponges: There are lots of alternatives, bamboo scrubbers, compostable clothes, you name it!
  6. Plastic Straws: Buy a set of reusable bamboo, metal, or plastic straws and remember to take them with you!
  7. Single-use Bottles/Cups: Metal, glass, recycled bottles can replace every plastic bottle and coffee cup.
  8. Plastic Toothbrushes: Purchase a bamboo toothbrush instead.
  9. Liquid soap: You can fill up your bottle or buy bars of soap instead.
  10. Tissues: Buy enough handkerchiefs to replace all the tissues you would normally use.