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This plant isn’t very familiar to me coming from the Pacific Northwest part of the U.S. But I’m learning that there is a wide variety of uses for this plant. You can eat it, wear it, built with it, fight with it, cook with it, even make an instrument from it!

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Why is it being used to replace so many things?

Here’s what I found. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant that is strong and durable. Even though it is technically a type of grass, it is used to replace wood in many contexts because it’s a composite material (strong without weighing a lot). So instead of destroying trees that have taken years to mature, bamboo can be used after just 5 years of growth. The awesome part is that it isn’t insanely expensive!

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So I’m not about to plant my very own bamboo garden, but here are some bamboo products you can easily switch to reduce your plastic usage: toothbrushes, floss, and cotton swabs. You’ll never even be able to tell the difference and some of them are even better than the plastic versions!

  • I’ve tried out a few bamboo toothbrushes so far. My favorite was the Woobamboo one. Surprisingly I found these at our local grocery store. There is some plastic packaging, but I just read that they’re replacing it this year! I like my toothbrushes to be quite firm and the Hydrophil’s ‘medium’ was too soft for me. I actually haven’t used the Jordan brand one since I bought it for my husband. He was uncomfortable with the thickness of the bamboo on the head of Hydrophil’s.
  • The floss from Woobamboo is thicker than the regular plastic floss, but I kinda like that! Makes my teeth feel even cleaner.
  • I have purchased both Hydrophil and Babu cotton swabs. Both of them are high quality products. The great part about them is that they are very sturdy (way better than the floppy plastic ones). I’ve also learned that they’re compostable.

What bamboo products have you purchased?

More about my compost experiment coming soon!

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