DIY Christmas Cork Decorations

A friend of mine was recently discussing what to do with corks in Vilnius. I threw a few into my compost pile, but I'll see after the winter how well they broke down. I discovered a few places to bring the corks for recycling, but decided there had to be something I could do with … Continue reading DIY Christmas Cork Decorations

Free Things!

I recently came across someone's blog about the Buy Nothing Project (unfortunately I don't remember who). I was immediately interested and then almost immediately disappointed that there isn't a project located in Lithuania. Not to be discouraged, I looked into starting one here, but I wasn't quite ready to invest the time necessary (It could … Continue reading Free Things!


One of the best ways that I have discovered local, natural, or organic products has been through visiting markets. Depending on the country you live in or the language spoken where you live, Googling what you're looking for might not be as simple as you would expect. Both in Egypt and Lithuania, I’ve found many … Continue reading Markets