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Cardboard Side Table

I had a bunch of boxes. I wanted a side table to put next to the chair in my son's room with a shelf for his books, a drawer for toys and a space on top to put my water bottle. Cardboard is great, but it's really quite flimsy. So after taking a look at… Continue reading Cardboard Side Table

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Sustainably Pregnant!

There you have it! We're expecting our first child this month! Having begun this sustainable lifestyle journey just over a year ago, this opens up a whole new category of sustainable products to explore. There are a few things that I've started already, but I'd love to hear if you have even more suggestions for… Continue reading Sustainably Pregnant!

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DIY Autumn Light Decorations

We're all suffering from some CAD (Covid Affective Disorder) these days and instead of decorating for Christmas already, I decided to decorate with some autumn colors. With the help of Pinterest and inspiration from our beautiful city park, I gathered up some leaves to get started. Bernardinu Sodas After coming home with my collection of… Continue reading DIY Autumn Light Decorations