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Jeans: Part 1

For some reason, my husband wears holes in the crotch of his jeans very quickly. He goes through multiple pairs a year. This means that I have a lot of denim fabric. I wasn’t really interested in the usual denim projects…mainly tote bags, and I definitely won’t be making a quilt. So here is the first project of three that I’ve made so far.

Baby shoes!

While these shoes are not made for walking, they stay on better than some others and can help to protect their feet while crawling. Or, if it’s cold you could make them out of fleece to add a bit more warmth. But, check out the directions which are specifically made to reuse pants with hems.

Level of difficulty: Easy, depending on how comfortable you are with a sewing machine.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Supplies needed:

  • Old pants
  • Scissors
  • Pattern
  • Elastic
  • Safety pin
  • Sewing Machine
1. Preview and print the pattern.

Read through the directions here. Because I don’t have a printer, I checked the scale on my computer screen before tracing it on paper and cutting it out. Heather has great tips on finding elastic in various pieces of clothing. I got mine from an old fitted sheet and it worked perfectly!

2. Pin the pattern and cut your fabric.

I used the pocket hem for the top pieces because the bottom hem was pretty frayed. Don’t forget to also mark the fabric to match the marks on the pattern. You’ll need them!

3. Follow the directions!

I never liked putting elastic in things and I was worried that the elastic wouldn’t fit, but with a safety pin attached, it was pretty quick to get the elastic through and it fit perfectly!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of my adorable baby model because they were already a bit small by the time I finished. Keep this in mind if you choose to make your own. I made the 6 month size and he was 6 months plus 10 days when he wore them once. I’m sure the pattern could be modified to be a bit bigger.

I also thought about adding some hot glue to the bottoms to make them grippy, but he never wore them much so I didn’t bother.

Check out part 2 and part 3!

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