Plot Twist!

As one might guess, having a child changes your priorities and the amount of time and effort that gets put into hobbies such as a sustainable blog.

So I am rethinking my purpose, reason, and goals for this blog. It turns out that one must be far more outgoing and charismatic to create a community in a place where you don’t speak the language. I have recently connected with some foreign women who also have young children and, while it is great to meet new people, it isn’t necessarily helpful…like the blind leading the blind. So, I’ve shared the resources that I’ve found, but failed to make many connections. Also, it seems as though the shops change so much around here that it takes quite a bit to stay up to date with their status.

I have realized that this should be more of a DIY blog since that is what I have always done since I was a child. IF there are new sustainable things in Vilnius, I will try to keep up, but no promises. Don’t worry though, we’re still going as cheap, local, and practical as possible. I’m just going to be making it all myself!

There are quite a few things that I’ve made recently and with some two hour naps, I should be able to get some posts written to explain how they were made. Here’s to a slight plot twist in this thrilling blog!

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