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Sustainable shopping

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you’ll know that I love all things practical. Since I’m a mom now, what is more practical than being able to do my second hand shopping on my phone while breastfeeding?

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who are in between, I bring you Vinted. With my first few inquiries into items listed for women, I was quite discouraged. There was little to no response.

However, I have since discovered the kids section which is home to hundreds of parents looking to sell their gently used (or even new) items for very cheap. I have scored almost every I was looking for without having to set foot in Babycity (I can’t explain why I hate it, I just do).

Some of the items in my favorites list

Now that our little guy is approaching 6 months, we have started adding new things such as a high chair, baby spoons, and baby proofing items to our house. I’ve even purchased a package of diapers off someone! As you can see in the photo, I plan to get a jogging stroller for the summer eventually.

So, if online shopping is your thing, sustainability is important to you, and you like to get brand new things for cheaper, get on Vinted.

Or, perhaps you are in the boat of wanting to get rid of items. If it’s time to purge, you can also sell your stuff on Vinted. I have listed a few items and succesfully sold a pair of boots so far. I feel like it can take a while, but it feels good to at least list items that baby boy has outgrown.

P.S. if you click my links to and sign up to either sell or buy things, I get free money!

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