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Sustainable Snacks

One of the most challenging things about moving toward a plastic free life is the lack of snacking options…were you actually to ditch everything plastic.

Since becoming expats we discovered that making the food that you can’t get is a great option. It turns out it is also a great way to reduce plastic. The only downside is that it can be a time consuming task to bake the snacks.

Two new things I’ve baked recently are sourdough crackers and homemade cheezits.

The sourdough recipe from King Arthur Baking site is made from sourdough discard, so it isn’t just thrown away as usual. My husband started some sourdough as a we-can’t-travel-because-of-covid-19 summer project. This recipe had been recommended to me years ago when we had sourdough in Egypt and this summer was the perfect time to finally try it out! The crackers were delicious and totally worth it.

Then, recently I came across a recipe for Cheezits on Pinterest. I had never considered trying to make Cheezits before because they were never my favorite snacks. However, after making this super simple recipe, Cheezits might be one of my favorite snacks!

With just a few ingredients, especially if you have a food processor, these crackers are super easy to make. When they’re finished, you probably won’t even have to find a way to store them because they’re so amazing, you’ll eat them all!

What kinds of plastic free snacks do you like to eat?


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