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DIY Compost Bin

We are by no means experienced builders, but when we saw these bed slats next to the dumpster, we had to take the opportunity. I’ve been interested in having a small compost bin in our garden since we moved in so it was pretty exciting to make it a reality! Here’s a brief overview of what we did.


  • 20 bed slats
  • 4 – 3 x 3 x 100 cm boards
  • saw
  • square
  • nails
  • hammer
  • sandpaper
  • paintbrush
  • waterproof deck stain

First we sketched out a plan and went shopping for supplies. We had to buy most of the items off the list, but it was only about 20 EUR for the whole trip! A cheap buy.

Of course we had to try out my new sustainable transportation.

Then we cut and sanded the pieces needed. We used the measurements from the bench in the garden to decide on the dimensions.

Next, we constructed the sides. We decided to make the legs a bit longer so we could bury it in the ground to make it a bit sturdier.

Then we took the two sides and nailed them all together.

After that, I stained the inside and the outside to make it weather proof.

Finally, we dug some holes in our garden to secure it. Here’s the finished product!

There are a few things we need to improve on, so when that happens I will keep you updated.

About the compost. It has a reputation for being stinky and full of flies. In my research about compost, that just means that it is unbalanced. A compost should have layers of greens and browns as well as the correct amount of moisture to make it healthy and earthy. I even read that some people keep their compost under the living room couch! We’ve had a few flies so far, but it hasn’t been bad.

The great news is that our waste has been reduced quite a bit between the garden box subscription and the compost!

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