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Sustainable Crochet Solutions

Part of getting into a sustainable mindset is thinking of unique solutions to a problem. Here are three ways that I crocheted a solution to my problem.

  • One problem I encountered was that my Fitbit band kept breaking. I went through several of them a week! After coming across some bracelet patterns on Ravelry (the knitted and crocheting pattern heaven), it dawned on me that I could possibly crochet a Fitbit band. Sure enough, I found a pattern and since it’s such a small project, I just used some leftover yarn. The challenging part was finding a closure that would work since I didn’t want to just tie a knot. I ended up buying a metal magentic clasp from a bead shop that I glued on to the bracelet. It streched with time, so I cut and reglued it a few times, but overall it lasted much longer than the plastic ones that kept breaking! Unfortunately I recently got rid of it during a cleaning spree, so the only photos of it are from a distance.
Running in the Vilnius Marathon race.
  • Need a storage container? It’s always nice to have a cute container to dump your stuff in. I keep some of my art supplies inside. I made this with Hoooked Recycled yarn which I highly recommend. It is a bulky cotton yarn made from recycled material and it’s quite fun to work with because it’s bulky and stretchy. This makes your project goes by very quickly.

Hoooked Recycled Yarn – European link from Amazon Affiliates.

Hoooked Recycled Yarn – American link from Amazon Affiliates.

  • More recently I learned about crocheted soap savers. They’re just a little pouch that you put your soap in to replace a plastic loofah. They’re very quick and easy to make, not to mention brilliant! If you’ve made the switch from liquid body wash to soap bars, they can be hard to hold, especially when they get smaller. Here’s your solution! I made mine from some leftover bamboo yarn which is very soft. It hangs in my shower and when I’m ready to use it, I wet it, lather it up and scrub away!

If you’re interested in making something similar, let me know and I can track down the patterns I used.

What unique things have you crocheted?

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