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That Time of Month

Hey ladies!

Let’s talk about your period. No one likes to carry around extra tampons in their purse. No one likes to waddle around in a pad like a wet diaper. No one likes to deal with the waste, or spend all that money every month.

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The great news is that we have some old-fashioned technology that has come back into use. Fun fact: period cups were first patented by an actress, Leona Chalmer in 1937. Variations had been used earlier on, but back then, such things could not be discussed. More history here.

The original reason that I got a menstrual cup was because tampons were hard to find in Egypt. (I’ll admit it was before I started trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, so that wasn’t really the reason.) Those of you who are expats probably know what it’s like to order things for people to bring back from your home country. No shame in asking a someone you hardly know to bring period products from the States!

This is my first post using Amazon Associate links. I will make some money if you make a purchase from clicking the product pictures.

Menstrual Cup #1: The Lena cup.

The good: If you get it in correctly you can forget about your period for the rest of the day. Also this company happily replaced the one I had because the stem was tearing. They explained that it may be because I was removing it incorrectly and also shared how to clean the stains with hydrogen peroxide. Their customer service was awesome and their packaging is super cute!

The not so good: It takes a while to figure out how to insert it correctly and the process takes a while to be comfortable with. There is some leakage, so I usually have a light pad to catch the drips. Although this really depends on how well it was inserted. It’s a bit of an investment, but if you think about never having to buy pads or tampons again, it’s worth it!

Menstrual Cup #2: OrganiCup.

Ordering from America? click the first picture. Ordering from Europe? click the picture after the review.

The good: Same as above plus I didn’t have any issues with it tearing, but it is newer so we’ll see how it lasts. Also, it was cheaper than the first one and was available locally so it didn’t come all the way from America.

The not so good: It seems to be a bit less ergonomically designed, which is not quite as comfortable, but it still works great.

Periods are messy, and while this is a more convenient way to manage them, it’s still messy. Because they have become popular in the last ten year, whichever brand you choose to buy will have a full explanation of how to use them and what to do in various situations so don’t worry! It may take some time, but it really feels great to not have to buy and throw out so many period products.

I used to take out the cup at night and wear a pad, but more recently I have also invested in some period panties. They are also a great purchase and I will share more about those later!

Have you tried any alternative period products?

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