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Cheap sheet

Yes. Pun intended.

Cheap, budget, low cost, used, thrifty, economical.

All these words tend to have negative connotations. And it’s true… sometimes. Because sometimes when you go to the cheap route, you get low quality.

This one is hard for me. There has only been about two years in our marriage that we haven’t had to be careful about how much money we spend. It seems to be something that is constantly on my mind. So if I find something cheap, I tend to jump at the opportunity.

More and more I am trying to focus on spending a bit more money on higher quality goods that will last longer.

For example, last year I found a t-shirt fitted sheet for a couple of euros. We always need sheets (for some reason), so I bought it.

After the third or fourth use, the sheet developed pills and it was very gross to sleep in, like your bed was full of dirt. So I found a way to repurpose it!

I turned this sheet into little produce bags with elastic at the top.

Step 1: Mark and cut the sheet.
Step 2: Sew the edges together.
Step 3: Take it to the store!

The lesson learned here?

Don’t buy cheap sheet!

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