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Mask sewing

Since we’ve been required to wear a mask, I decided it would be good to own more than one. My husband bought our first masks due to the necessity of the law requiring masks that same day. However, I was able to borrow a sewing machine from a friend recently and have been sewing various projects for a few weeks, one of the first being the mask.

The reason I’m quite happy with the mask is that I used all recycled materials, including the pattern! I guess the thread was the only new item I bought to create it.

Here are the steps I took.

First, I traced the mask from the pharmacy onto an old envelope and cut it out for a pattern.

Then, I traced the pattern onto an old pair of jeans for the outside and a cotton sheet for the lining.

I sewed the lining and the outside together, then sewed the two pieces together.

(It wasn’t perfect the first time and I ended up taking it apart to fix later. I had to attach the lining to the denim a bit better so it wasn’t inhaled with every breath!)

Notice, it’s a bit large. This was pre-fixing stage.

For the straps, I used old streched-out hairbands to loop around the ears.

If I were to do it again, it would only take about an hour to do, now that I know some tips!

Overall it was a simple, satisfying product that was easily made from recycled items.

Have you tried sewing a mask?


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