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As a teenager, I didn’t start shaving for quite some time and I didn’t even know about the alternatives for an even longer time. Upon seeing my razor bumpy legs, a well meaning pedicurist asked if I also wanted to get my legs waxed. I quickly declined because it sounded like an extremely painful experience, despite her insisting that it was better for my skin.

I started looking into it on my own and that’s when I came upon sugaring. It seemed like an easy DIY solution that could be simple to make. There were many attempts to make my own. Basically you cook 1 cup of sugar with some lemon juice and water until it turns the right color. Some were successful and some were gooey, sticky, disastrous messes.

Getting the sugar right was the first challenge; the second was the actual removal of hair. One video said to remove the hair against the growth. The other said to go with the hair growth. Turns out that’s the way to go. Also, if you have blond hair on your legs it can be tricky to see where to go next.

When we arrived in Lithuania, I found a premade container! I was incredibly excited to remove part of the challenge and now I use it frequently.

So why all the effort for something that doesn’t seem worth it?

  • It’s more sustainable, no plastic involved.
  • It’s better for your skin, no more razor bumps and the sugaring also removes any dead skin.
  • Your hair follicles begin to weaken and there is less and less hair each time you sugar.
  • You don’t do it as often because the hair has to be long enough for the sugar to remove it.
  • There’s no chance of cutting yourself.
  • It’s cheaper! Everyone should have a cup of sugar, and the pre-made container costs 6.95 Euro and lasts for at least a year.
This is what it looks like before and after use. The opaque used part filled with hair and dead skin is pretty gross.

Is it painful? Yes, but you get used to it.

Is it time consuming? Also yes. Probably not recommended for busy mothers.

If you’re curious to try it out, here are some good directions on how to get started.

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