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New products!

With all of our stores closed, I finally ordered from It’s a Lithuanian environmentally friendly cosmetics shop that popped up on my Facebook one day.

I ordered deodorant, face wash, and a new brand of shampoo bar. It was delivered quickly and with the cutest business card that’s printed on seed paper!! I think I might be the most excited about that little bonus. I just need to find some soil somewhere so I can plant it!

I have absolutely loved this deodorant. We had switched to aluminum free deodorant in Egypt (again Toms of Maine brand) because it was very hot and we did a lot of sweating and all our shirts were nasty and yellow. Then, last month I started to notice that my armpits were raw and peeling. I hadn’t changed to any new body wash or anything so I guess my body had just had enough of that.

This one comes in a cardboard tube!! It’s a bit gritty when you put it on, but it softens with the heat from your skin and it hasn’t felt gritty post application. Also it is truly unscented (amazingly!) and it does a good job. A+ from me.

The facial cleansing bar is also great. It’s natural, moisturizing, actually fragrance free, and simple.

Finally the bar shampoo. I have only used it once so far. The box says you don’t need to use conditioner and that an acid rinse is recommended. I didn’t see that until after I did my usual shampoo and conditioner which made my hair feel really nasty like straw. So I’ll try again using an acid rinse to see if it works better. (It doesn’t help that I’m desperate for a haircut and my hair is way too long and driving me crazy!)

Overall, I loved the ordering experience from this site. 2 of the products were great and I’m hoping I just need to figure out how to use the shampoo to get better results.

What are some new products you’ve tried out recently?

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