DIY Experiments

Do-it-yourself is always a good way to ensure that you know what’s inside. I’ve been looking at various DIY skin care products because my skin is sensitive and trying new products gets to be quite frustrating, not to mention expensive.

Sometimes DIY projects are amazing! Sometimes they’re disasters.

One thing that has worked is eye cream. I have done two variations. The first was Vitamin E oil mixed with Aloe Vera gel. It was a bit of a weird texture and kind of sticky. So next I tried coconut oil mixed with the Vitamin E oil. This one is much more pleasant to use. And guess what? I put it in an old contact lens case.

Here’s the disastrous one–(Pinstrosity anyone?): I also tried a DIY mascara. This contained beeswax, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil. For coloring it was recommended using activated charcoal for black or cocoa powder for brown. Since I didn’t have any charcoal, I used cocoa powder. The problem could be that I microwaved the ingredients which cause certain ingredients to smoke, or it could be the last bits of aloe vera that was old and goopy, but it was a definite failure.

It was quite chunky and didn’t stick on my lashes at all. Plus the cocoa powder made it smell like brownies. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of brownies, just not on my face for the entire day. And yes, I reused an old mascara bottle, just in case it didn’t turn out.

What are your go-to DIY cosmetics? I’d love to try out some more! (It also might make me feel better to hear some of your DIY horror stories…)

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