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Shampoo bars

Upon moving to Vilnius, something called Solidu shampoo caught my eye. I had heard of shampoo bars before, but had never really been interested, so I grabbed a card at one of the local fairs and proceeded to look them up. Not only are they sustainable and plastic free, this brand is also pretty! It took me a while to be okay with spending 14 euros on shampoo, but eventually I did.

Many natural products have very strong smells. These shampoos are no exception. The reason I didn’t want to order online is because I’m not entirely sure what patchouli and ylang ylang smell like. So when I smelled them in person, it turned out the one that was advertised as vanilla and citrus really smelled nothing like vanilla or citrus.

I ended up getting the “Pink” shampoo. It has quite a strong smell but it was the most tolerable for me. Here’s what I love about Solidu shampoo:

  • You can literally rub it on the exact parts of your head that are easily neglected.
  • You still get soap suds. (some of the natural shampoos are disappointingly unsudsy)
  • It makes your hair super soft and clean without feeling “squeaky clean”.
  • It makes your hair smell nice.
  • It’s travel-friendly! That’s one less bottle to cram into your bag of liquids.

There is one downside, but it is a problem that is easily solved. When the shower is used and the shampoo is not, it gets all gooey which makes it disappear much faster and if I’ve spent that much on shampoo, I hope it would last a while. Solidu also sells natural sponge rounds to put your bar on, but I’ve chosen to reuse a plastic box that some Christmas lights came in so the water doesn’t even touch it. Hopefully that means it’ll last longer.

There are many such shampoo alternatives that I haven’t tried yet, and there are likely several manufacturers in every European country (so you don’t have to use this obscure Lithuanian one that I happen to love). Many of them will probably be small businesses, so search them out!

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