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This is one of the trickiest places to minimize waste for me.

If you want something organic, there’s twice as much plastic involved. Feeling lazy and want to pick up something easy…plastic. The majority of our groceries come in plastic. This is a huge area for me to improve on. So what can we do?

One of the biggest ways to use less plastic in the kitchen is to cook more. The more you buy the basic ingredients, the less plastic will be involved.

Try is making your own granola, baking bread, and freezing dishes for easy prep when you’re feeling lazy.

Shopping at bulk food stores also decreases the waste.

But what about meat? I hear that’s an extremely wasteful product. Yes it is. However, to keep the sanity in our household, my compromise is to use less meat. My goal is to cook at least two vegetarian dishes a week.

Additionally, instead of cooking the entire package of chicken for dinner, I will use one chicken breast and cut it up into smaller cubes so it seems like you’re eating the same amount. Then add plenty of vegetables to fill up your pan and you’ve still got some chicken for another day.

What sustainable habits have you started in your kitchen?

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